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Fluoride Varnish

For those of you who have recently had your teeth cleaned, you may have noticed a strange “goop” that was painted on your teeth at the end of your appointment. That goop is fluoride varnish, and it is the absolute best way to protect your teeth with fluoride. Not only is it easier to apply than the old “bite in these trays with a vacuum between them for four minutes,” but it protects your teeth up to four whole months! That’s fantastic! What isn’t fantastic is that most dental insurance plans will only pay for fluoride varnish once a year, if they cover it at all.

The old adage of “penny wise, dollar foolish” comes to mind on the issue of dental insurance treatment of fluoride. Fluoride has been shown to not only help with strengthening your teeth and making them resistant to decay but it decreases sensitivity which is a common patient complaint.

That profound cavity protection truly should be applied more than once a year to get the most protection possible. To help with getting that second fluoride covered, Davidson Family Dentistry has established its price for fluoride varnish to cover two varnishes with one price. The patient pays for the first treatment and then the second one is free. Under the Davidson Family Dentistry membership plan, two fluoride varnishes a year are covered with your membership fee.

Next time you are in the dental chair and the hygienist asks if you want fluoride, please do not let your dental insurance companies make a poor decision for you. While it may be a few dollars out of your pocket now, it will likely save you money in the long run.

Making smiles happen,
Davidson Family Dentistry

Posted September 9th, 2015

Family Dentistry Means That We See Children!

One of our Facebook friends suggested that we do a post on all of the things we do to make the young patients in our office feel at ease. Her quote was “[My son] might be squirmy in the chair at times, but he has never been afraid of going to the dentist. He looks forward to going. Anytime I say he has a doctor’s appointment, he says, “With Dr. Michael?”

It all starts with the scheduling and matching our doctors’ personalities with our younger patients. Dr. Michael Davidson has two young children himself and is our high energy dentist. He does great with those children who are high energy as well. He will make the appointment fun – singing and talking about super heroes – and it is common for children to ask to stay because they don’t want the appointment to end.

Dr. Amanda Vonnahme also has two young children and is our doctor who does well with the quiet or timid children. She is soothing and has a calm, friendly voice and manner. She is great at talking to not only the parent at the visit but directly to the child to help develop the trust.

Dr. Justine Stemper and Dr. John Biegert have adapted their style with children from their personalities and watching the other two dentists. Dr. John’s style following more closely to Dr. Michael’s and Dr. Justine’s style following more closely to Dr. Amanda’s. [We tend to use first names with the children because it makes them more approachable and it avoids some of the harder to pronounce last names.]

Many patients will fondly remember having Dr. David Davidson as their dentist since they were children. While he will occasionally still see our younger patients at the request of parents and grandparents or the needs of the schedule, he has mainly passed that torch down to the younger dentists.
Occasionally, we will make the referral to a pediatric dentist if we feel that there are dental issues that they should see or if we feel that the younger patient would be better served in that environment. At Davidson Family Dentistry, it is all about doing what is best for the patient.

While it brings us great satisfaction to help new adult patients overcome their phobias and help them develop good dental health, it is extremely rewarding to watch the children in our practice develop beautiful healthy smiles and lifetimes of great relationships with their dentist.

Making smiles happen,
The Davidson Team

Posted August 19th, 2015

Manual vs. Electric

Truthfully, this isn’t much of a battle.  The electric toothbrush wins.  They are proven to clean teeth more thoroughly and keep you from brushing too hard when you let the brush do the work for you (a problem many people do not know even exists).  They also are easier to use, help time your brushing to the proper duration, and even help you use less toothpaste because the toothbrush heads are smaller.  The only advantages that manual toothbrushes have are that they are cheaper and they can be more portable. However, currently we have a $20 mail-in rebate on the Oral B electric toothbrush at our office and we price our preferred Oral B electric toothbrushes so that our patients get the advantage of our savings. So for everyone who already has an electric toothbrush, keep using it!  For people who do not have an electric toothbrush, please consider getting one.  Your teeth and gums will thank you.


Making smiles happen!

The Davidson Team

Posted August 5th, 2015

Welcome to Our New Blog!

Welcome to the new Davidson Family Dentistry blog. We hope to have it be a fun mix of educational and enlightening material for everyone. Many of the planned topics are answers to common questions that we receive from patients in the chair or when we visit with people. These we will attempt to discuss in lay terms and not as a scholarly presentation. Occasionally, we will add updates about our office and our staff so that you are able to know us better. Another goal is to have each entry be only a few paragraphs in length.

Our blog authors will vary. All will be written by one of the members of the Davidson Family Dentistry team. We do not plan to purchase blog entries as we have seen many dental offices do. All entries will be viewed by the management at Davidson Family Dentistry prior to being published and if they concern a dental topic will have a dentist’s or dental hygienist’s prior review. The current thought is to create a blog entry a couple of times a month.

If you have ideas for us or if a blog entry creates further questions in your mind, please don’t hesitate to contact us. As in all we do, our motto of “Quality Dentistry, Affordable Service and Compassionate Care” is the reason behind our actions.

Making smiles happen,
The Davidson Team

Posted July 17th, 2015