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Nitrous oxide or laughing gas is a mild form of sedation and is offered free of charge at Davidson Family Dentistry. It can be used separately or in combination with other forms of sedation. A mask is worn over the nose and the nitrous oxide provides a calming sensation to patients. It can be especially helpful to children and to anyone who prefers to allow their mind and body to relax during their appointment. All clinical staff at Davidson Family Dentistry has been trained on using nitrous oxide and it is available in all clinical rooms.


A moderate form of sedation is delivered by an IV which allows a patient to enter what is called “twilight” sleep. While the patient will respond to requests of the dentist, most have no recollection of the dental appointment or the dental work that was done and remember being asleep. This form of sedation is helpful for the fearful and can also be great for patients who have considerable dental work to be done or more involved procedures because the relaxed state of the patient allows the dentist to work faster. Not all patients can use IV sedation so it is important that an initial consultation be done to be sure the patient qualifies.


In some cases where moderate sedation dentistry is desired but for one or more reason an IV sedation is not the desired method, oral medication can be used to accomplish the same effect. This method does take longer to achieve the same effect for patients and therefore limits the amount of dentistry that can be accomplished in a visit. It is not as desirable for patients who have considerable work to be accomplished or involved time-consuming procedures.