Davidson Family Dentistry: Urbandale Chamber of Commerce 2022 Business of the Year and winner of the Metro's BEST DENTAL OFFICE in 2022 and 2021!

"Quality Dentistry, Affordable Service, Compassionate Care."

Our Staff

Amy, financial specialist, headshot
Financial Specialist
Angie, dental assistant, headshot
Angie, R.D.A.
Dental Assistant
Dr. Alyson Baier, dentist, headshot
Dr. Alyson Baier
Amber, dental hygienist, headshot
Amber, R.D.H.
Dental Hygienist, OSHA Compliance
Amela, dental assitant, headshot
Amela, R.D.A.
Dental Assistant
Ann, dental hygienist, headshot
Ann, R.D.H.
Dental Hygienist
Aubrey - Dental Assistant
Aubrey, R.D.A.
Dental Assistant
Courtney, R.D.H. Dental Hygienist
Courtney, R.D.H.
Dental Hygienist
Dr. Cameron Clause, dentist, headshot
Dr. Cameron Clause
Cami, dental hygienist, headshot
Cami, R.D.H.
Dental Hygienist, Payroll
Dr. Christina Mulcahy, dentist, headshot
Dr. Christina Mulcahy
Darcy, marketing coordinator, headshot
Marketing Coordinator
Dr. David Davidson, dentist and owner, headshot
Dr. David W. Davidson
Dentist & Owner
Diane Davidson, clinic administrator, headshot
Diane M. Davidson
Clinic Administrator
Desirae, R.D.A. Dental Assistant
Desirae, R.D.A.
Dental Assistant
Business Assistant
Jacky, R.D.A. Dental Assistant
Jacky, R.D.A.
Dental Assistant
Jamie, dental hygienist, headshot
Jamie, R.D.H.
Dental Hygienist
Jan, dental assistant, headshot
Jan, R.D.A.
Dental Assistant & Clinical Team Lead
Dr. Justin C. Stemper, dentist, headshot
Dr. Justine C. Stemper
Kaitlyn - Dental Assitant
Kaitlyn, R.D.A.
Dental Assistant
Kayla - Dental Assitant
Kayla, R.D.A.
Dental Assistant
Kelly - Scheduling Coordinator
Scheduling Coordinator
Kristin, insurance specialist, headshot
Insurance Specialist
Larysa, dental assistant, headshot
Larysa, R.D.A.
Dental Assistant
Linda - Administrative Assitant
Administrative Assistant
Lynn - Dental Assistant
Lynn, R.D.A.
Dental Assistant
Marie Business Assistant & HIPAA Compliance Coordinator
Business Assistant & HIPAA Compliance Coordinator
Dr. Michael J. Davidson, dentist and co-owner, headshot
Dr. Michael J. Davidson
Dentist & Co-Owner
NamSun - Dental Hygienist
NamSun, R.D.H.
Dental Hygienist
Natalya, dental hygienist, headshot
Natalya, R.D.H.
Dental Hygienist
Shannon, front desk, headshot
Front Desk
Sheryl, dental hygienist, headshot
Sheryl, R.D.H.
Dental Hygienist
Teri, front desk team lead, headshot
Front Desk Team Lead
Traci, dental assistant, headshot
Traci, R.D.A.
Dental Assistant and Expanded Functions Coordinator
Tracy, R.D.A. Finance Team Lead & Sedation Coordinator
Tracy, R.D.A.
Finance Team Lead & Sedation Coordinator