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Addressing the Elephant in the Room: there is a Shortage of Dental Hygienists



We are aware of the elephant in the room. We need more dental hygienists in our practice. 

There is currently a shortage of dental hygienists throughout the nation and we are feeling it in our office, too.  

“We recently had a long-time hygienist take a position close to her home and small children,” Dr. Michael Davidson said. “Another hygienist is currently away on maternity leave. We have searched to fill the position for more than six months but it has been difficult.” 

A poll last month by the American Dental Association shows nearly 40% of dentists are trying to recruit hygienists. Of those, 95% say it has been extremely or very difficult to hire someone. In the 20 largest U.S. cities, the ADA’s polling says only half of hygienist positions are reported as filled. 

At Davidson Family Dentistry, we know this can be frustrating for patients, as it is a great challenge for our office and staff. Our front desk staff is working tirelessly to fill any hygiene appointments that become available while our doctors and assistants are also picking up some hygienist duties as they can. Our hygienists are also working more hours than usual to accommodate more patients. 

With the exception of last-minute adjustments to the schedule, we are currently scheduling semiannual dental cleanings into March. Patients are offered the option of being on a call list, to be texted or phoned when an opening becomes available earlier than their scheduled appointment. 

We are busy looking to add another dental hygienist (or two), but in the meantime here are some tips for patients: 

  1. Schedule your next cleaning appointment BEFORE you leave our office  
  2. Agree to be placed on our call list and respond promptly to texts or calls about available appointments
  3. Please keep your scheduled appointment 
  4. If you will need to reschedule, please give our office as much notice as possible 
  5. Practice regular home dental care

“Regular dental cleanings are pertinent to dental health and we are working hard to get everyone scheduled quickly,” Dr. Michael said. “As always, if you have pain or a dental emergency, one of our doctors will see you right away.”

Posted October 7th, 2022