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Davidson Family Dentistry Now Offers Same Day Crowns

Davidson Family Dentistry has acquired new technology to improve the lives of both staff and patients. Welcome CEREC!

CEREC scanner

CEREC creates your custom, ceramic dental crown in our office, while you wait. Instead of taking dental impressions, matching your tooth shade and sending everything to an outside lab, a small sensor digitally scans and measures the exact dimensions, curves and color for your new crown. This information is sent to of the two mills in our office where your crown is carved from

a solid block of ceramic material. Once milled, your crown is fired in the CEREC kiln for maximum strength. The doctor then perfects the new crown and permanently cements the crown over the prepared tooth surface. This all takes place in one two-hour appointment.

“Our patients have been pleased with the excellent quality of the CEREC crowns and they really appreciate the single appointment that CEREC crowns allow,” Dr. Michael Davidson said. “As a staff, we are thrilled with the quality, turnaround and entire streamlined process.”

One of Davidson Family Dentistry’s two in-office CEREC crown mills


CEREC Q and A with Dr. Michael

Q: Do CEREC crowns cost more than traditional crowns?

A: We do not charge more for CEREC crowns. The office invested in the CEREC technology but we do not pass those costs on to patients.


Q: Does Davidson Family Dentistry still offer traditional crowns?

A: Absolutely! If the patient needs a special crown (porcelain fused to metal) or a front tooth crown, we will still make the impressions and send them to the lab for a traditional


A freshly-milled CEREC crown at Davidson Family Dentristry


Q: Is CEREC new?

A: CEREC is relatively new, but it has been around for a few years. We are not the first office to integrate this system. Rather, we waited for the system to be more perfect before signing on.


Q: How long will a CEREC crown last?

A: While porcelain crowns tend to last between 7-10 years, CEREC crowns have the potential to last two or three decades or more, provided that you look after them. Exactly how long they will last will depend on various factors including your oral hygiene routine, your general health and how often you visit our office to see a dentist.

If you have more questions, please call our office at 515-279-3848.



Posted May 31st, 2022