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Changes to Delta Dental Insurances

Holders of Delta Dental Insurance should have received a letter from Davidson Family Dentistry explaining our decision to withdraw from Delta Dental’s PPO plan as of the end of the day April 30, 2021.

WE ARE NOT WITHDRAWING FROM THE PREMIER PLAN WITH DELTA DENTAL, NOR THE DELTA DENTAL PPO PLAN PLUS PREMIER.  Holders of the Delta Dental PPO plan plus Premier will be converted to the Premier plan automatically by Delta Dental. This is the Delta Dental insurance that most of you hold, so no action is required on your part!

There may be some changes in your coverage once you convert to Delta Dental Premier but Delta Dental will not give us this information until the PPO plan coverage has ended on April 30, 2021. This position by Delta Dental is frustrating to us and we know it is also frustrating to many of you who have called. We are encouraging patients who are being switched to the Delta Dental Premier coverage to call Delta Dental Company or check in with your human resources department for an explanation since we, unfortunately, cannot get this information for you.

If you are a patient who holds only a PPO plan of insurance through Delta Dental, we can still continue to see you as a patient and your options, as we outlined in the letter, are as follows:

Davidson Family Dentistry did not make this decision lightly and we remain committed to providing our patients with Quality Dentistry, Affordable Service and Compassionate Care. Please call us at 515-279-3848 with any questions. We want to be as helpful as we can during this period of transition.

Posted March 16th, 2021