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Plans Changed? What to do?

August & September plans changed again?  What to do?

Vacations                                                                    Cancelled

Concerts                                                                      Cancelled

State Fair                                                                     Cancelled

Festivals                                                                       Cancelled

Iowa – ISU Football                                                   Cancelled

Downtown Farmer’s Market                                   Cancelled

Iowa Cubs                                                                    Cancelled

Iowa Wild                                                                    Uncertain

Schools                                                                         Uncertain

Restaurants                                                                 Limited

Churches                                                                      Limited

Shopping                                                                      Limited

Public Gatherings                                                       Limited

Movie Theater                                                             Limited

Library                                                                          Limited

Museums                                                                      Limited

Polk County Offices                                                    Closed

State Capital                                                                Closed

Davidson Family Dentistry                             Open

With everything closed, uncertain, limited or cancelled, Davidson Family Dentistry is ready to fill your empty schedule.  Our facility is open with all Federal and State safety mandates in place PLUS many additional safety measures we have added for your protection.

This is a great time to redirect your budget and take care of yourself. If you have dental treatment that needs completed, now is the time!

Call us at (515) 279-3848 to schedule.

Posted August 10th, 2020