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2019 Office Year in Review

Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings, and Happy Holidays from all of us at Davidson Family Dentistry.  Here is our news of the year 2019.

New Employees

Many of you who came from our Beaverdale office in 2005 see our growth in size and all the new employees.  Of the original 10 employees that came with Dr. Dave from Beaverdale, we still have 7 of our original team.  One retired and two took new challenges.

Dental assistant Julyn returned to us in May from a brief employment excursion in a local orthodontic office.  “Sometimes what we want is right where we are” to quote a quasi-famous dentist that you all know.  Welcome home Julyn.  Originally, Julyn was from Fairfield, Iowa.  We were fortunate to recruit her to our office when she transplanted herself to the Capital City. Julyn works mainly with Dr. Michael.

Dr. Cameron Clause comes to us from The University of Iowa College of Dentistry.  Dr. Clause is originally from Mankato, Minnesota and had a temporary landing stop in Sioux Falls, South Dakota before finding us.  Like Dr. Michael, Dr. Clause is the son of a dentist.  To our good fortune, Dr. Clause is engaged to Dr. Holly Steger from Indianola, which is what brought him from Sioux Falls to Des Moines.

Dental assistant Meredith joined us in June from the same orthodontic office where Julyn had worked.  Meredith works mainly with Dr. Stemper.  Welcome Meredith.

Business assistant ReChelle joined us in June.  She is a registered dental assistant but enjoys the business side of the office.  She had experience in other offices before joining us part-time.

Dental hygienist Amber I. came to us in July.  Amber is originally from Algona and worked for one of Dr. Dave’s good friends in Algona before moving to the bright lights of Des Moines. We are excited to have her as part of our hygiene team.

Dental assistant and business assistant Chrislyn joined us in August.  Chrislyn works both in the front office areas and in the back helping out wherever necessary.

Business assistant Deb came to us in October.  Deb is experienced in dentistry and has returned to our profession from management in the food service and hospitality world.  Deb is originally from Arizona and had worked with assistant Aubrey at another office before joining us.

Dental assistant Nancy S. is our most recent addition.  Nancy joined us shortly after Dr. Dave’s retirement in November.  Nancy is an experienced dental assistant.  She works primarily with Dr. Biegert and has hit the ground running. She adds a bilingual assisting element with a fluency in Spanish.


Dr. John Biegert added the only girl for our Davidson Family Dentistry family in June.  Baby Alice was born in July to Dr. John and his wife Erin.  Alice joins her big sister Rose.  Congratulations Dr. John and Erin.

Dental assistant Liz gave birth in July to her first baby, a boy named Logan.  Congratulations to Liz and her husband Keith.  Logan is their first child.

Dr. Alyson Baier had a baby boy named Hudson in August.  Congratulations to Dr. Alyson and her husband Andrew.  Hudson is their first child.

Dental hygienist Sarah B had a baby boy named Carver in August.  Congratulations to Sarah and her husband Trent.  Carver joins his big brother Grady.

Dental hygienist Amber F. had a baby boy named Bodie in October.  Congratulations to Amber and her husband Matthew.  Bodie is their first child.

Dental assistant Amela had a baby boy named Kenan in October.  Kenan joins his big brother Vedad.  Congratulations to Amela and her husband Ricky.

New Equipment

This year we added a new Quattro as part of our instrument sterilization package.  As you know, equipment and instrument sterilization and the protection of your health is of utmost importance to us.  We have 3 autoclave type sterilizers and a whole host of other techniques and procedures with additional offsite monitoring to ensure our accuracy.  The Quattro helps with this mission.

We also purchased a new computer server and several new computer stations.  With state-of-the-art dental technology we must have the computer hardware to support our high tech dentistry.

New Training

Dr. Clause had training in dental implant placement.  Implants are the future of dentistry and we are pleased that the dentists at Davidson Family Dentistry are all active in implant placement and/or restoration.  The future is now at DFD.

All of our doctors, dental hygienists, and dental assistants spent well over 200 collective hours in continuing dental education this past year. We learned more on dental products and procedures as well as updates on sterilization, personal protection, HIPPA compliance, and our OSHA mandatory training.

Our business assistants were involved in insurance, HIPPA and OSHA training and other education to help you negotiate your dental visits as easily as possible.

Dr. Michael, Dr. Dave, Diane, and our team-leads spend countless hours learning and teaching to provide an office ”culture”  that is second to none.  The reason we are here is for you.

Insurance  Changes

In September, Davidson Family Dentistry joined the network at United Healthcare Dental.  In November we left the Aetna dental network, although we continue to process all insurance for our patients.

Expanded Functions

In 2012, the Iowa Board of Dentistry approved Dr. Dave to teach a class for dental assistants and dental hygienists in nine specific dental procedures: making temporary crowns, monitoring nitrous oxide, placement of periodontal dressings, placement and removal of dry socket medications, testing pulp vitality, final impressions, applying cavity liners and bases, occlusal registrations, and gingival retraction.  In 2015, the Board of Dentistry added two more procedures to the list of approved dental procedures: preliminary charting and removal of adhesives.  Dr. Dave was approved to teach the additional classes.

Dr. Dave has not only taught our own staff but he has had dental assistants and hygienists from all over the state.

In 2019, the Board of Dentistry revamped expanded functions and again Dr. Dave has prepared coursework for the changes.  Cementing temporary crowns and placement of a class 1 temporary fillings are the two new classes.

Dental Board

Many of you already know that Dr. Michael Davidson has served our state by being one of five dentists chosen by the governor to be part of a nine person Board of Dentistry overseeing and setting policy for Iowa in regards to dental practices and for the protection of the public.  After this current three year term, Dr. Michael has decided not to submit his name again to the governor.  With the retirement of Dr. Dave, his young family, and in general a busy life, he has decided to withdraw from this large commitment.


Star (Lois) retired in August.  She had promised Dr. Dave she would work as long as he worked. When Dr. Dave announced his retirement, so did she.  Star has been Dr. Dave’s right hand since 1986 and she is already missed but we are happy and grateful for her many, many years of faithful service to our practice and our patients.  Good luck in your new adventures Star.

After 39 years, Dr. Dave (blog writer) retired from active practice as of November 6.  Dr. Dave had been looking for an additional dentist for a couple of years because he knew the magical 65 was approaching.  This last June we found Dr. Cameron Clause and knew he was the dentist for which we had been searching.  Dr. Dave is now the “permanent substitute”.  He jokes that “if we need a right-hander from the bull pen, I’m available”.  So far, he has been called in once in December.  He was very appreciative of the hundreds who came to his retirement party and others who called, emailed or sent cards with encouraging words.  Dr. Dave and Dr. Michael are the owners of the business, Davidson Family Dentistry, so Dr. Dave continues to watch over the patients and the business.  Even with his retirement, it is business as usual at Davidson Family Dentistry.


Holiday Wishes

Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings, and Happy Holidays to you all.  We are very thankful and grateful you have chosen to place your dental health with us.    All 45 of us at Davidson Family Dentistry wish for you a blessed season and a healthy and prosperous 2020.


Dr. David Davidson

Posted December 23rd, 2019