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Since we began our dental practice in 1981, we have been Medicaid providers.  Over the decades, we have treated hundreds of patients needing a hand up.  Because of the low reimbursement rate, approximately 30%, we have to limit the numbers of patients on Medicaid.  We lose money on every Medicaid appointment.

My entire life I have believed in the Biblical principal of the tithe.  For those of you unfamiliar with this, I commit 10% of my income to further the work of the church, help those in need, or being a Good Samaritan to those who have gotten in trouble through no fault of their own.  This is one reason for the flag display in our office.  These are countries where I have done missionary dentistry.  The flags remind me of the many people I have been able to help.   It is also a reason that I have been instrumental in the formation of the IMOM (Iowa Mission of Mercy) free dental clinic in Iowa including being the President of the Foundation a few years ago.

New Medicaid rules for patients over the age of 18 have placed us in a real dilemma.  If we continue to participate in Medicaid with the new rules, we will be unable to limit the number of patients we treat who are on Medicaid.  Since we don’t have the ability to treat every Medicaid patient who calls and I have no interest in violating federal law with respect to this or any other program, we have decided after 3 ½ decades of Medicaid participation to end our participation in Medicaid for those over the age of 18.

We have many, many patients who have special needs and are part of the Medicaid program.  We will not abandon them, ever.  I have chosen to continue treating them on a pro-bono basis as part of our charitable works. We will continue to do what’s right and will do it for the right reason.

As ever, thank you all for understanding we run a business.  The new rules have forced our hand in a new direction.

Dr. David Davidson

Posted August 25th, 2017