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Welcome Back Dr. Dave!

As any of you who have had appointments in the last three months know, Dr. David Davidson has been on medical leave while he has been recovering from surgery to his right shoulder to repair his torn rotator cuff.  The surgery was successful at repairing the tear and Dr. Davidson has been faithfully performing physical therapy to regain full use of his right shoulder.  Originally, it was hoped that he might have only a 2 month leave of absence, but because of the stresses put on the shoulder by dentistry, it was decided by his orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist that it was more prudent to give him longer to recover.


Dr. Davidson will be back in the office effective Monday, June 6, 2016.  He is expected that he will need to take some breaks during dental procedures at the beginning as he builds up his strength and endurance.  However, he will be able to perform all the same dental procedures that he did prior to his surgery.  Hopefully without pain now!


A big thank you to all the patients who prefer to see Dr. Davidson during your dental visits for your willingness to see a different dentist from our office during this period of leave.  We have a wonderful group of dentists in our office who stepped up to work extra during Dr. Davidson’s period of leave.  They have enjoyed being of service to you and hope that if the need arises again you will think of them.

Posted June 6th, 2016