Davidson Family Dentistry was honored as the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce 2022 Business of the Year and winner of the Metro's BEST DENTAL OFFICE in 2023, 2022 and 2021!

"Quality Dentistry, Affordable Service, Compassionate Care."


Team Approach to Dentistry

The goal of Davidson Family Dentistry since its creation in 1980 is to provide quality dentistry, affordable service and compassionate care. The way we accomplish that goal is with a team approach to the delivery of dental services. We have five different teams at Davidson Family Dentistry: 1) dentists; 2) dental hygienists; 3) dental assistants; 4) front desk; and 5) financial. Each team has a team leader and each team meets on a regular basis. The team leaders meet together regularly to make sure we are working well together as an overall team. Each of the team leaders report to the clinic administrator. The clinic administrator reports directly to Dr. David Davidson who is the owner of the clinic.

A team approach allows the dentists to concentrate on the delivery of dental services and not administrative functions. It also allows for the gathering of ideas for improvements from the whole staff to make sure that the needs of our patients are always met. The team approach provides for consistency and excellence in dental services and the availability of same day services and emergency dental services for our patients. A spirit of professionalism and comradery amongst all of our teams and the office is another benefit. Finally, one of the noticeable effects of our use of teams for our patients is that it allows us to make a fairly big office continue to feel small and friendly.

Our managerial staff is as follows:

Diane Davidson – Clinic Administrator
Jan Wood – Clinical Team Lead
Dr. Michael Davidson – Dentists Team Lead
Cami Brocka – Hygiene Team Lead
Allie Spikes – Front Desk Team Lead
Lois “Star” Harkin – Financial Team Lead

Making Smiles Happen,
Your Davidson Family Dentistry team

Posted February 5th, 2016