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Fluoride Varnish

For those of you who have recently had your teeth cleaned, you may have noticed a strange “goop” that was painted on your teeth at the end of your appointment. That goop is fluoride varnish, and it is the absolute best way to protect your teeth with fluoride. Not only is it easier to apply than the old “bite in these trays with a vacuum between them for four minutes,” but it protects your teeth up to four whole months! That’s fantastic! What isn’t fantastic is that most dental insurance plans will only pay for fluoride varnish once a year, if they cover it at all.

The old adage of “penny wise, dollar foolish” comes to mind on the issue of dental insurance treatment of fluoride. Fluoride has been shown to not only help with strengthening your teeth and making them resistant to decay but it decreases sensitivity which is a common patient complaint.

That profound cavity protection truly should be applied more than once a year to get the most protection possible. To help with getting that second fluoride covered, Davidson Family Dentistry has established its price for fluoride varnish to cover two varnishes with one price. The patient pays for the first treatment and then the second one is free. Under the Davidson Family Dentistry membership plan, two fluoride varnishes a year are covered with your membership fee.

Next time you are in the dental chair and the hygienist asks if you want fluoride, please do not let your dental insurance companies make a poor decision for you. While it may be a few dollars out of your pocket now, it will likely save you money in the long run.

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Posted September 9th, 2015